Our Mission

Our mission is to operate a profitable oil and gas company, which is built for the long-term and maintains a strong reputation.

  • Reputation based on the ability to pay and prompt payment of bills.
  • Reputation for being able to perform what you promise.
  • Reputation for fair and equitable trades.
  • Reputation for being able to take care of yourself; hard trades but fair ones.
  • Allocate our resources in a efficient, cost conscious, and profitable way that takes into account the big picture.

Our Vision

We are focused on building a world-class oil and gas company, which creates world-class opportunities.

  • Create world-class opportunities through attracting, retaining, and rewarding the best minds and foster a fun and family oriented open culture.
  • Be a good steward of the land.
  • Implement a learning culture that continually grows and learns to improve our profitability, innovate, and apply best practices.
  • Be a leader in our industry, as measured by returns, profitability, and market share of our region and particular play
  • Be the “Employer of Choice” in our region and across our industry.
  • Be the “Partner of Choice” in our industry.
  • Take an active role as good law-abiding public-spirited citizens to improve the quality of life and public good in our city, region, State, and across our Country on issues where we can add value.

Our Culture

Our culture is based on a flat, organization that is very down-to-earth and easy going, yet we apply our intense passion and intellectual vigor to bring to life exciting and profitable projects.

  • Passion: Love what you do.
  • Values:Moral and ethical integrity in all of our actions.
  • Teamwork: We are one team. We operate with respect for our colleagues and share the credit on our successes.
  • Take Ownership:Be vested in the company’s success and take responsibility for your mistakes.
  • Professionalism:Fight for our ideas while also listening to feedback from our colleagues to find the best way forward for the company.
  • Family first:Family comes first.

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